Our initial research and acquisition of equipment began in 1984 but other periods took prominence and Vietnam lay virtually dormant until 2002 when we dug through out attics and sheds, dusted off our uniforms and brought it back to life as a living history battle re-enactment group. We sometimes participate in airsoft battles but are primarily a living history group.

The unit we portray is Alpha Company, 1st Battalion, 9th Marines which was part of the 3rd Marine Division. They landed on My Khe Beach, Vietnam in 1965 when the United States were establishing a large Military presence in support of the South Vietnamese Government. Initially called the ‘Striking 9’s’ they soon acquired the name ‘The walking dead’ due to the high casualty rate and the appearance of the survivors. They served in various operations during their tour of duty until re-deployed to the U.S. Military base Okinawa in 1969.

What we do
We portray a variety of roles – riflemen; heavy weapons operators of – M79 grenade launcher, 60mm Mortar, M60 Machine Gun, 3.5inch Rocket Launcher and Radio Telephone Operator.

 Rifleman - Radio Operator - Rocket Launcher Team

Rifleman – Radio Operator – Rocket Launcher Team

One of the more interesting tasks that the Marines were involved in was ‘Operation County Fair’ a combined operation between the South Vietnamese Government and the U.S. Marines. The purpose was to try to give the people hope and instil confidence in the Government.


This link shows contemporary footage of Operation Country Fair


Women Marines
We also have a female presence although all women Marines were fully trained for combat they were not on the front line and their roles were mostly office based.


This link leads to an interesting article about women’s roles in Vietnam –

There is plenty of information available on the Internet for anyone interested in knowing more about the Vietnam War or the 3rd Marine Division but please feel free to contact us if you have specific questions as we have lots of information to share or can point you in the right direction.

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