Button Making

A simple button goes through a long process before being attached to a coat and, having recently made set of 3rd New York buttons for a new friend, I captured the process in a series of pictures that may be of some interest.

The first stage (no photos because it was done a long time ago) is the research which is sometimes easy but more often painstaking. Then the prototype is constructed and often destructed several times because it isn’t right. From that a rubber mould is made and the casting can begin as shown below.

Kitchen as workshop

1. Workshop? no…kitchen!

As you can see I have to fit my casting in between mealtimes as the kitchen doubles up as a workshop! (sorry Jan)

Pouring the lead

2. Pouring the molten metal.

3. Opening the mould

3. Opening the mould and praying it’s up to scratch or it’s back into the melting pot.


4. A button being born!


5. Trimming




7. Polishing




9.Ready for action. Although, with every button being individually crafted this is a lengthy process, it is very satisfying when the finished product is sewn on and is the final touch to a uniform.

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